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Treatment Info/ Policies

What to expect:

Before your treatment begins, we will conduct a short interview, some range of motion tests to find areas of restrictions or pain, and discuss our treatment approach and any concerns you might have. 

We acknowledge that each client is different and might require a different treatment approach each session, depending on current physical & emotional needs.    

We will always respect your boundaries, and only ask you to undress to the level of your comfort. During treatment, you will be fully draped at all times and only the area being treated will be exposed.

To support our therapy session, you will be shown stretches & exercises post massage, to perform at home. 

We are happy to work with your medical doctor or other healthcare provider to optimize treatment results and speed up your healing process!
We also established a network with Healthcare practitioners in the area, i.e.  Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer and others, to refer you to.  


If you are a new client, please arrive approx. 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment, to complete our Intake form. Your treatment session starts and ends as scheduled. If you arrive late, your session will be accordingly cut shorter, to not delay the next scheduled client.

We ask you to be respectful of our time and give at least 24 hours notice, should you need to cancel your appointment. Since your time is reserved exclusively for you, you will be required to pay the full treatment cost, if you fail to cancel in time.

Adhering to the code of ethics for the massage therapy industry, we will always treat you with respect and expect the same from you. Treatment is conducted in a professional manner, and obscene comments or misconduct will result in immediate termination of session.

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